Cranky Pants

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. I hate when that happens. I just felt so cranky and irritable. I was rather irate with my oldest daughter this morning as she was getting ready for school. It annoyed me that I had to tell her at least half a dozen times to change out of her pajamas and get dressed for school.  She’s almost 7. Am I asking for too much to only have to say things once? Maybe twice max.

Even though I could tell I was getting short with her, I could not help myself. I continued my rant. There goes my Mother of The Year Nomination.

I was certain that my hot vinyasa workout was going to snap me right out of it. Nah. Didn’t happen. I love the teacher, Kristen, but not today. No. She talked way too much. Plus I kept on thinking of other things that I wanted to be doing. I have not practiced yoga in a week or so and I was so looking forward to the class. Grrr. What was wrong with me?

Earlier today I finally realized that perhaps today was just going to be a cranky Monday for me. I can’t be happy every single day. It’s just not possible or realistic. But is that really the truth? Maybe not but I am too cranky to think of any other answers at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Cranky Pants

  1. Maybe it’s a symptom of all the mental mind games you’ve put yourself thru. Or maybe you are just human.

    Point is, take it easy.

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