I’m So Fat!

I have not been exercising very much these past few weeks. I’ve been purging clutter, immersed in personal growth and whatever else I came up with as an excuse. On top of that, I have been eating like a pig. Damn those Girl Scout Cookies.

I wasn’t going around telling people I felt fat. I didn’t even ask my friends or husband if it looked obvious that I was getting fat. But I kept on thinking it and feeling it. Over. And over. And over. As I kept on eating cookie after cookie.

I finally got sick of myself. Yesterday I went to spin class.  I had not taken a spin class in a long time. Today I went to a Body Pump class. I’m still feeling fat but at least I got off my fat ass and did something about it.


4 thoughts on “I’m So Fat!

  1. Fat is such a nasty word to use for yourself Judie. How about less than optimal? Or making choices that don’t nourish yourself. But good job on the workouts!

  2. I could have written the same thing, but instead of “fat” written “cranky.” Same reason though, slacking with exercise. Though I hesitate to compare myself with you. If YOU are a slacker, I’m a no good lazy son of a…

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