Food Glorious Food

Back in August, Time Magazine featured a cover story that proved controversial.  The writer of the article said that exercise makes you fat. Basically he said that many people think “I worked out today, I deserve to eat that extra cookie.”  He goes on to find experts, such as Eric Ravussin, who works in diabetes and metabolism at Louisiana State University, to support his claim. Ravussin says that if you want to lose weight, exercise is “useless.”

I was rather surprised when I first read the article. However, most recently, I have begun to agree with most of what was written. I have been able to make changes in my body by simply changing my eating habits. I have always loved exercising and consider myself pretty active. I did see changes in my muscle tone when I consistently engaged in certain exercises, such as The Bar Method. My biceps do not come from brussels sprouts. But I have noticed a substantial change when I stopped snacking and added more protein and veggies.

I know everyone and every body is different. I don’t exercise with the intention of shedding weight. I exercise because of the way it makes me feel: strong, fit, healthy and powerful. It’s the message that I install in my two young daughters. When I tell them that I am going to work out or practice yoga, I am sure to talk about how I feel during the class and afterwards.

What about you? Why do you exercise?


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