Still Loving My Lululemon

It’s been a while since I have written about my love for Lululemon. Do you remember how obsessed I was about this brand? I wrote about it constantly. I was beyond ecstatic when I finally was able to snag a pair! I still love this brand. Very, very, very much.

Last week I had a cup of tea with a colleague, Lucila McElroy. I had forgotten that she had lived in Vancouver, Canada, where Lulu is based. It felt wonderful to chat with someone who could understand (and share with) my obsession. I revealed how much I believe in their Manifesto. I have never come across a company that seems to have such a positive culture focused on health, fitness and well being.  Of course it helps that their clothes make you look and feel like a million bucks! I wore lulu head to toe at the gym today and felt amazing.

I told Lucila that I would love to work for them. She asked me if I had ever applied for a job. Hmm, no, I had not.

The second I came home, I got on the computer and submitted my resume. Yesterday I applied for a specific opportunity in a town near my house. I’d be perfect for the job. I love everything related to health, fitness, and yoga.  I practice what I preach and write about. Plus, I look great in their clothes if I do say so myself. I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Please wish me luck!!


11 thoughts on “Still Loving My Lululemon

  1. Good luck! I have to come see these clothes. I have a bit of an obsession about workout gear myself. I have more workout pants than all other jeans/pants combined in my wardrobe! I definitely need to check this stuff out–you should be their publicist!

  2. Okay wait, sorry, I must voice a complaint. What’s up with them carrying their clothes only up to size 12?! Only 2 pairs of pants in a size 14 (and neither I am interested).

    If you know me, you know this is my rant: there are plenty of amazing athletic women out there who wear a size 14 or 16. Even when my BMI was in the ‘normal’ range, I wore a 12/14 (I’m tall and have a curvy figure naturally). It’s so frustrating when companies seem to spout off all these great ideals that I believe in, but forget they just alienated an entire segment of their population because they only carry up to a size 12. This reminds me of my first ever blog post, ‘Manhattan’s Dirty Little Secret’ (If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

  3. I HIGHLY recommend their pants. I swear I look 5 pounds thinner when I wear them. They are super comfortable too.

  4. Wow, I did not realize their clothes only went up to a size 12/14. That’s a bummer. However I bet they are working towards changing that. Once I get hired I will ask about it.

  5. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog. I love Lulu too, but it’s often a bit out of my price range. Love a good sale though. Working on a review of KURU active shoes for women. Come check it out soon.

  6. I called Lulu headquarters. The woman I spoke to told me that they would contact me if they are interested in me. However, she suggested that I reach out to any specific stores/locations with my resume in hand. I find out when the Summit, NJ location will open.

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