Are You A Slave To The Scale?

I have been wondering how often my blog readers weight themselves. Daily? Weekly? Never?

One friend told me she does not own a scale. She goes by how her clothes fit. Another friend admitted she weights herself daily. Even multiple times a day. I believe Weight Watchers recommends a weekly weigh in.

I get on the scale on a daily basis. I can also admit that the scale drives me crazy. Some mornings I am shocked and happy to see myself a pound or two less than the previous day. Other days, and I hate those days, I get unhappy when the scales shows I’ve put on weight. Intellectually, I know that weight fluctuates throughout a day. I *know* chances are I have not gained or lost a pound or two in 24 hours.

Allowing yourself to be happy or sad based on a number is never a good thing.  But I know it is something many of us struggle with.


5 thoughts on “Are You A Slave To The Scale?

  1. I still have the same scale I had in college (not digital) so I can never tell if I’ve gained/lost a pound here and there. I almost never weigh myself, though after having my second baby I did go through a phase where I did it every day. Now it’s like _maybe_ once a week, just to see if I’ve dropped that last 5 lbs.

  2. I weight myself religiously on Thursday mornings. I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would weigh myself on Thursdays (so much so that when we went away for 2 weeks over Christmas & New Years my scale went with us). I have noticed a pattern in the past where I would say, ‘oh I had a bad week, I’ll weigh myself next week instead’ and it would turn into 2 weeks, a month, 3 months and then I was 10 lbs heavier.

    Sometimes I will weigh myself daily just as a way (or weigh–haha) to see how food, alcohol water affects my body and also as a reminder of being conscious as I eat.

  3. Jennifer, a weekly weigh in is probably a great idea. But with the new airline luggage restrictions, will you still pack your scale? 😉

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