More Tracy Anderson

I’ll admit that I have not done my Tracy Anderson dvd in a while. However, I am still interested in her activities!  I just read that she appeared on the Regis & Kelly show on Friday. I am bummed I missed it but at least I found it online. I thought that Kelly Ripa was devoted to Physique 57 but apparently she likes to mix it up. I also enjoyed seeing the inside of Tracy’s gym. Sigh. I would love to be a member or at least be able to take a class there! I wonder if she is still keeping it exclusive to members?

I also found the trailer to her upcoming videos. I cannot wait to hear reviews.


6 thoughts on “More Tracy Anderson

  1. i wonder when her new videos will be available for purchase?!?! they are still not available on or .ca I can’t wait! and i haven’t even started using the dvd’s yet! lol

  2. Jilliane, thank you for posting on my blog. I appreciate it! I *think* the new dvds are set to be released later this month but don’t quote me on that!

  3. What was the song & artist that Tracy used on the Regis & Kelly for the dance aerobics part with Kelly & Mark?

  4. Sally, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for answering that question! You’re the best!


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