Wanna Be Skinny? Practice Yoga

I recently came across an article that stated that yogis tend to be mindful eaters. If you are a mindful eater, you tend not to overeat or be overweight. Or something like that.

It made me think about my own eating habits. I have practiced yoga, on and off, for about 15 or so years. I am not sure I am such a mindful eater. I just inhaled a salad while typing on the computer. I did tell myself to slow down and enjoy the salad but I was too darn hungry. I *know* I should have eaten it at the table and savored every bite. The sad thing is that I had just returned home from a yoga class.  I should have known and done better!

However, as yogis say, I need to find bliss and grace in every moment. Every moment is a new beginning. So, now I am drinking peppermint tea while typing on the computer. But at least I am mindful of what I am doing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wanna Be Skinny? Practice Yoga

  1. If you decide to eat the triscuit, make sure you are not on the computer (or doing anything else aside from eating).

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