I’ve Been A HomeBody

If you are a reader of my blog, you know that I love the gym.  I love taking classes. It’s my thing. On the rare occassion, I work out with dvds at home, mainly Tracy Anderson ones.

I went to the gym on Monday to take a spin class. As I suspected, the gym was insanely packed. I knew that would be the case so I got to the gym early and nabbed a bike. Within minutes, every single bike was taken. One guy had to walk out since there were not any bikes left. I felt for him.

Oddly enough, I have been working out at home the rest of the week. Mainly because my husband had the car or I just didn’t feel like going. Plus, my good friend Jill let me borrow a couple of her dvds. I did Jeanette Jenkins 21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout. The workouts (there are 2 different circuits) are only 30 minutes each. I thought they would be easy. I was wrong. I felt sore the next day.

I also borrowed one of her Turbo Jam dvds. I had this dvd years ago but gave it away since I never used it. On Tuesday, I did the 45 minute Turbo Sculpt one. I also attempted the 20 Minute Workout but just wasn’t in the mood. I did follow it with a stretching video, Slim in 6- Slim & Limber. Stretching feels soooooo good. Even though I do a lot of yoga (although not this week), I still feel I could use more stretching. I love this video since it’s only about 15 minutes and I feel great afterwards. I especially love the neck stretch that she does. Yum!

I also went to back to The Bar Method dvds. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these workouts. I still much prefer the live classes. After doing the videos, I may just take a class in the near future to make sure I have the proper form. Plus the music in the live classes is so much better than the music they play in the video. I also feel the live classes are a lot harder. Nevertheless, it is nice to have the option to do a video whenever I want.

I’ve surprised myself with all these videos. I even want to buy more (!) but I have been holding back. I already have a few and do I really need more??  The real temption is that amazon.com is having a special (New Year, New You) sale that lasts for another couple of weeks.

Of course working out at home does present its challenges.  I will admit to checking my email or answering the phone during my workout. Oh well!

What have you been up to?


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