Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff?

The other morning I experienced major sneaker envy.  I was in my spin class and just happened to notice that 98.99% of the class was wearing spinning sneakers. I began to wonder if wearing them would impact my workout, how much they cost, where I could find them…..

You get the idea.  However, just as quickly, I snapped back to reality. Did I really, really NEED those sneakers? I suppose to hard core spinners, spinning sneakers are a necessity. I imagine they feel the same way about their sneakers as I feel about my yoga mat: I cannot imagine working out without it.

Besides my yoga mat and mat carrier, I don’t really have many exercise accessories.  Oh well, of course I own sneakers. I also own weight gloves although I don’t use them these days. And, oh yes, I do own a heart rate monitor.  Where is that thing anyway? I have been on the lookout for new gym bag. I did recently purchase a YogiToes Mat for when I practice my Hot Vinyasa. I haven’t used it yet though.

How much stuff do you own?


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