Hello Again, Tracy!

Since my good health has been restored (Thank You Universe!), I have been actively working out.  I feel great. I have been practicing yoga and I have renewed my interest in spin.  Great way to burn tons of calories while having fun. This morning, I intended on taking an Ashtanga Yoga class. But, when I woke up, I just wasn’t in the mood. Despite that, I still put on my workout clothes and told myself I would move forward with my plans.

I got my girls off to school. It was time for me to leave the house for my class but I just didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood to do. I didn’t feel like taking a walk. I checked my gym and none of the classes appealed to me. I checked the local class offerings, but again, nothing interested me. I wanted to exercise but what!?

I then remembered Tracy Anderson. Ah, my old, dear friend Tracy. I had forgotten how much I enjoy her Mat Video. It is terrific. The music keeps me engaged and her unique twists keep me on my toes. I still don’t get a lot of her moves though. Her standing abs routine makes me feel like a spaz. I also ignore a few of her statements, ie, “Nothing should be dead. Keep your moves alive!”. Of course the “never lift anything more than 3 pounds!!!”  

The routine is tough. Really tough. I like it all. Except I do find (or I should say I feel) that her arm workout focuses a lot on shoulders. That is where I feel it the most. I did my own substitutions as my shoulders are already very defined. I did a few moves that focus on my biceps and triceps.

Thank you Tracy for a great workout! I would love to meet you one of these days.


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