What A Difference A Year Makes

I cooked my first ever Thanksgiving meal last year. I was so nervous. I am hosting again. Yet, this time, I am cool as a cat. OK, so that’s a stretch of the truth. Initially, I found myself in a panic. What was I going to make? What side dishes? After I did a google search and asked friends for easy recipes, I began to feel more relaxed. My husband was a huge help as well.  He went to two different grocery stories to help me shop! 

The key, as I learned last year, is to prepare as much in advance. I already cooked the cranberry sauce (yes, I made my own from scratch. If you had told me that last year, I would never have believed you). It is such an easy thing to make and it came out delicious. I even altered the recipe! I decided to add cinnamon sticks and omitted the marmalade. I also made a sweet potato dish with pineapples and marshmallows. I never made it before, but again, it was a super easy dish to make. 

I will be making Cornbread stuffing (a mix from Trader Joe’s), mashed potatoes (I have never made this before but I’m sure it will be fine), corn on the cob (my husband will be grilling) and veggies. Oh, I am also making a goat cheese salad. I will even be making the dressing myself!??!!  Yes, another shocker. I made it last night and after a taste test with my family, I realized I need to add less mustard. 

I am using the same turkey recipe as last year. It came out great and, again, it’s super easy. 

My brother will be bringing wine and appetizers. My dad will provide the apple and pumpkin pies. Who knows. Maybe next year I will be making the pies myself?  Stranger things have been known to happen!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. Hi Marianne. Everything came out well. We were not overly impressed with the Trader Joe’s Cornbread stuffing. I’ll make Stove Top next year for sure. I hope your meal came out well!

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