YES! I’m Back!

Finally. My good health has been restored!  Just as soon as I recovered from a horrific stomach bug that violently attacked my entire family (we all fell like dominoes), I got sick again. It was awful. I kept on reminding myself that this was going to pass, that there are people dealing with far worse stuff, etc but I was miserable nevertheless.

Today, I felt healthy enough to go back to the new Hot Yoga studio in my town. I had the same teacher that I had the first time. This time, however, the room felt a bit warmer at 94 degrees and boy did I feel it. It felt amazing. In the beginning of my practice I set the intention to stay in the present and simply enjoy. Enjoy the moves, enjoy the breath and just enjoy not being sick in bed. It was bliss.

Afterwards I had to take a photo for an article that I am writing. I decided to pick up a chopped salad at a nearby health food restaurant. I cannot even describe how good I felt when I got back home, still sweating from my workout, savoring my salad. Life is so freaking good!


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