What’s Your Excuse?

When it comes to working out, or really, not working out, it seems that everyone has a good excuse. Sometimes it may be lack of time or motivation or lack of funds. My excuses are typically due to health issues. I had planned on going for a run this morning with my yoga teacher. Instead, I am home taking care of my youngest daughter who has some sort of stomach virus. Read: not pretty.


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Excuse?

  1. Typically, my excuses used to be anything I could come up with. Now they are few and far between since I found CrossFit. If I don’t go to the gym it is really because I can’t get there, like I have my daughters and no sitter or I have to work. Sometimes I take my daughters anyway even though no children are allowed. When working out becomes a part of your life (beyond just aesthetics) you have to find reasons NOT to do it.

  2. Ben, thank you for writing. I hear you. Unfortunately for me, this Fall my health has been my only issue for not working out. Now, I am recovering for a horrible stomach bug or food poisoning (we’re not sure what happened). I cannot wait to get 100% better and back to working out.

  3. i have too many excuses to avoid working out. Too much work, too many obligations, i’m too tired that day… list goes on.
    I probably haven’t found the right workout activity – one that i will actually look forward to doing.

  4. Intuitive Girl, we all go through periods like the one you are experiencing. I find that once I force my way through it, I get into the groove. Good luck!

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