A Stitch In Time

I was never quite sure what the old saying “a stitch in nine saves time” meant but the phrase was running through my head this morning. I attempted to go for a run following the Couch to 5k program. However, shortly after I started running, I developed a stitch on my right side. It was so painful! I slowed down to a fast paced walk but I still felt the pain. I tried running but I had to stop due to the pain. I continued to walk for an additional 20 minutes or so before I decided to return home.

I posted on FaceBook what had happened.  One friend said it could be a combination of needing more potassium and also focusing on my breath. On Monday, if the weather holds out, I will be going for a run with my yoga teacher, Amy

I know I have to be patient since running is new to me, but I am not a very patient person. Part of me felt that since I am a fairly active person, it would not be this challenging. Who knew? I don’t have plans on giving up any time soon.


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