I Like It Hot

This morning I had planned to go running with my yoga teacher.  Unfortunately, we woke to rain and chilly temperatures.  We both agreed it was not the ideal time to go for a run, especially since I am still recovering from bronchitis.

Instead, I ended up checking out a new yoga studio in my town.  It’s called Baker Street Yoga.  I had read an article and it peaked my interest. There are a few yoga studios in my area but this one is different: it offers hot yoga.  I have done Bikram yoga in the past. Most Bikram studios keep the temperature at 105 degrees.  Baker Street kept the temp at 90 degrees.  Combined with the intense moves of Vinyasa yoga, I was in heaven.  I really enjoyed it.  My muscles felt wonderful as they stretched and trembled. Yesterday I took a weight class and so I was feeling a bit sore.  I wonder how I will feel tomorrow?

As for running, I still intend to get back to it but when?  These next few days are jam packed for me.  But I will somehow figure it out!


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