This past weekend, I embarked on my annual weekend yoga retreat at Race Brooke Lodge.  The retreat was led by Jillian Pransky. This was my third time at the retreat and it was amazing as usual. Jillian focused on grounding poses and getting us ready for the Fall and Winter.  We spent hours practicing yoga, participated in an invigorating drumming circle, took two walking meditations (one in the rain) and to-die-for- healthy and yummy food. It was amazing.

Many friends, when they heard about my trip, commented on how envious they were of my trip. I know the feeling. I used to feel the same way when I heard other women talking about such trips. One mom took me aside and said “Just plan it.  It’s not as if my husband plans this for me. Do it.” I took that advice. And, I share that advice with my friends.


2 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Grounded One,

    I felt the same from a trip I had just about a month ago, to Omega Institute for meditation and a PTSD workshop with veterans.
    Learned techniques that help keep me grounded, including a walking meditation that I still do when I leave the gym’s swimming pool and ever so slowly walk back to the men’s sauna area. Some people think I am walking slow because of an injury or an onset of old age. That’s all right. The practice invigorates me and that’s all that counts.

    Michael J

  2. Michael J, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I would love to attend a retreat at the Omega Institute and also Kripalu. Please post again soon!

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