Catch Up Time

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I apologize for that. I don’t know where the time has gone. On Monday, I was overcome with sadness because Conde Nast shut down four magazines, including one that I have been freelancing for the past two years. I was surprised at how I reacted to the news. My husband has been saying that magazines are dead. I know many others believe that. But, I refuse to believe it. I love magazines! I am a magazine whore! My neighbors and I share our magazines. We have a rotation amongst four of us. We all subscribe to different ones and then share them. 

I am praying I still get paid for my work. My editor assures me they will but I keep on reading blog post after blog post from disgruntled now ex- Conde Nasters. It’s devastating when you see your world coming to an end of sorts…

I also immersed myself in energy work this week. On Tuesday, I went to my beloved yoga instructor, Amy, for my Tuesday class. Instead of the usual 4 students, there was only one other student. We sat on Amy’s couch, each of us holding a warm cup of tea to talk before class. Funny thing is, we never stopped talking. An hour and a half later, we were still talking. We talked and shed tears. All of us! It was amazing. Ever since that conversation, I have felt a shift. For the past few years, there was a part of me that I did not like. I saw this part nearly every day. I begged it to go away. I sought help. And, now, suddenly, it’s gone. Not completely, a small part remains but it’s a healthy, balanced part. That night, I climbed into bed at 8 pm. My husband was worried and kept on asking me what was wrong. “I am just exhausted. Maybe I am getting sick,” I responded. And off to bed I went.

I woke up on Wednesday feeling ok.  I had a session with a Tibetan guru, Suren Shrestha. I had my own private healing bowl ceremony. The woman who came out before me simply glowed and radiated as she told her friend how amazing it was. Sadly, I did not have the same experience. It was a nice, relaxing session but I wasn’t sure I was altered in any way.

I did share with him about that part of myself I wanted to release and I know he did something. Pulled the negative energy out of me. Suren was a very kind and gentle soul. He was exactly how I imagined a Tibetan guru would be like! I am thankful I had the opportunity to meet him and experience his work.

On Thursday, I saw Amy again. She gave me a Reiki session and another Level 1 attunement. During the session, I had a couple of visions. It is so cool! Even after I left her house and got into my car, the world around me appeared different. I saw the number of one hour, 3, become a Sacred Symbol. I know, that sounds crazy right? But it’s true.

Oddly enough, ever since then, I have not had the same sensation when I perform Reiki. My hands do not get hot and I don’t feel the same draw as before. I don’t know what happened! Of course I called Amy who encouraged me to go with the flow. She explained that sensations change all the time. So, I am taking a deep breath and keep on plugging along. Going with the flow!


16 thoughts on “Catch Up Time

  1. Reiki is a teacher – sometimes if we get too attached to having experiences or feeling sensations (or even too attached to outcomes of healing session), reiki will give us reason to take pause and re-center ourselves. She’s right, go with the flow, don’t get too attached to any outcome or sensation, and trust that it’s right!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I have been struggling with this. I miss the feeling I had when I was first attuned. Sigh….

  3. I bet that’s exactly why you can’t feel it anymore! Don’t get despondent – “missing” it is a form of attachment. Trust the reiki, trust the energy, know that it is doing its job in whatever form that may take.

  4. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. You sound exactly like Amy. I think this is one of my life’s lessons: learning to let go and allow. I’m more of a do, do, do type of woman.

  5. I understand, I am too! It’s why we need the reiki to help us – healing and spiritual work isn’t just about being happy and feeling sensations and relaxing and ‘releasing’ – it’s about looking at ourselves and seeing the things that need work. Reiki has a way of bringing to the surface things that we need to work on in all aspects of our lives! The energy helps us see what needs work, it’s up to us to actually do the work itself. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I started receiving it in 2006 and got my level I attunement in 2007. But I’ve been doing a lot of other work in addition to that including working with a therapist/spiritual guide, doing meditation retreats, etc. Reiki started it all, though.

  7. Sounds fascinating! Good for you. Are you a Master? I would love to go on a meditation retreat. I AM going on a yoga retreat this weekend.

  8. Yes (per my comment on your previous post!)- I got my Master attunement this past July. The meditation retreat wasn’t what I expected! It wasn’t sunshine and lollipops and visions and spiritual experience. It was hell!!! I was fighting my demons the whole time (in my personal experience, my demons are high expectations, fear of failure, and attachment to spiritual experiences) – and the retreat broke me down. It took a year before I was able to look back and see what I just described – that the retreat brought to the surface the demons I fight in all areas of my life. Then I could start actually working on them. What a process!

  9. It was – it was actually an individual retreat with my meditation teacher. I’m not sure who else does this.. if you have a teacher you work with (Amy?), they should be able to direct you to the right kind of retreat for you.

  10. Yes, isn’t that such a sad story? I feel for all those involved. Sending healing thoughts to everyone.

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