Ready For Reiki

Tomorrow is the big day! I will finally receive my Reiki Level 1 attunement. I have been waiting for this for months. I cannot believe it is almost here.

My beloved yoga teacher, Amy, is also a Reiki Master, among many other talents and abilities. There will be 5 other students in the class. I know most of the other students but a couple I have only met once or twice. I feel it will be an interesting experience!

Amy sent us a few links to read up on Reiki. One stated that you should detox before getting attuned. I have not drank any coffee or caffeine for the past few days. Hmm, I wonder if that explains the pounding headache I had today!?! I have refrained from any alcohol but I have had chocolate. Sorry Reiki Guides! One article stated I should be meditating for one hour a day for one week prior. Wow. That did not happen. Who are those people? They must not have children.

Amy told us not to stress about this. She reassured us that we are exactly where we need to be. Ahhh….  Until tomorrow, my friends.


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