Turn Off The Volume

I had an interesting experience this morning.  I had a conversation with my yoga instructor, Amy.  Amy is also a Reiki Master and will be hosting a Reiki Level 1 attunement class on Thursday. I have been waiting for this for months and I am very excited. We were talking about her plans for the day and she mentioned part of the class will be in silence. As everyone is getting privately attuned, the rest of us will have to be silent. I totally get that. However, she went as far to say that perhaps we should eat our lunch in silence too. To give ourselves a bit of quiet time to settle into our new energy. I thought it was a good idea.

After our conversation, I headed to the gym to take a Sculpting class. The instructor did not put on any music. I was pretty surprised as her classes are very energetic and she always plays the best music. This time, she said “let’s focus on our work. Let’s truly feel our bodies and muscles burning”. I could not help but wonder if the Universe was trying to tell me something considering I just had a conversation about silence.

Do you spend any part of your day in complete and utter silence?


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