Gym Yoga

I took a yoga class at the gym this morning.  Just the other day my husband and I were talking about why I enjoy practicing with my amazing yoga teacher, Amy, so much when my gym offered yoga classes.  I explained how it’s hard for me to get into the yoga mode when I can hear all the grunting and slamming of the equipment of the “muscle men” as the yoga studio is right near where all the body builders tend to work out.  It’s hard to be zen when you hear all that racket.

This morning I had to be back home at a certain hour since my older daughter had a soccer game, so Ashtanga Yoga it was. There was a time when I practiced Ashtanga, aka, Power, Yoga often. It’s been a while and I had forgotten how challenging of a workout it is and how much I enjoyed it.

However, I certainly missed Amy. For one, this teacher did not introduce herself. To give her credit, it’s one of my pet peeves. I like it when teachers introduce themselves. I’m sure most teachers have their regulars, but who cares. Greet your students! It’s not so hard to say “Hello, my name is so and so.” She also did not ask anyone of they had any injuries she had to be aware of and worst of all, she didn’t even give us a warm up. We immediately went to Sun Salutations. Maybe that is the way most teachers teach but I have gotten accustomed to how Amy teaches so this felt weird. 

Overall, I did leave feeling the class as if I had gotten a good workout. Will I return? Probably. It’s nice to have that option. But I still love my Amy!


2 thoughts on “Gym Yoga

  1. Hi Judy,
    It’s scary to do yoga by yourself, and hard to find a quiet spot, but you might be better off going it alone when you’re pressed for time.
    I don’t know what parameters effected the gym yoga teacher’s sequencing, but she did wrong– she should say hello, ask for injuries, help the class focus and warm up before starting the sun salutations.
    Maybe the gym wants her to teach this way.
    I quit my gym because the yoga teachers, who were quite good, were poorly treated by the gym management and told how to sequence their classes– often they taught things the wrong way because they needed to please the management.
    When I quit I made sure management knew why.

    Take care!

  2. Lynn, thank you so much for commenting on this post. Thank you for affirming that what I felt was not the best way to conduct a class. This was the first time I took her class so I am not sure if she always practices this way. I will give her a second chance. I did not point out that she is also about 5-6 months pregnant and I wondered if that affected the way she taught the class, although it should not. She did not practice with us. She only instructed the class.

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