Fall Equinox

Today marks the beginning of Fall.  I love this season.  I love the smell in the air, the beautiful and amazing colors of the changing leaves and wearing jeans and sweaters.  Note to self: buy new jeans and sweaters.

The Fall also marks the time when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. I will miss the sun still shining at 7 pm but I am looking forward to eating chili on cool nights.  I felt I should do something to honor this day. I was supposed to have a dentist appointment this morning but I rescheduled it just so I could make it to yoga. I could not go last week because one of my daughters was home sick from school. I was really happy I did that. Afterwards, I drove to the grocery store and decided to purchase a bouquet of autumn flowers. The colors are so deep and rich. I have not purchased flowers for myself in forever. It was a nice treat.

A friend mentioned that the Fall Equinox is the ideal time to contemplate what you want to Harvest and also what you want to let go. It’s true. If we want to create something new and different in our lives, sometimes that requires letting go. If you want a relationship, you may need to let go the need to date multiple people. If you want to go back to work, you may need to let go of a certain amount of freedom.

What do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to let go?


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