Another Instant Manifestation

When my youngest daughter came home from school yesterday, she immediately began asking for a play date.  “I want to play with someone” she kept on saying over and over.  My older daughter was sick and I explained that we could not have anyone over since her sister was not feeling well.  “But, I want to play with someone,” she continued to whine.

Two minutes later, one of our neighbors came over to ask if my girls wanted to come over for a play date.  Talk about instant manifestation!  I was in shock. This happened before my very eyes. I felt like the Universe is giving me a sign. But what is it telling me? Ask, let go and allow? I have been doing that. Why isn’t it working for me?


7 thoughts on “Another Instant Manifestation

  1. We tend to instantly manifest things when we are not attached (at all) to the outcome. It is a sign, the quicker we let go, the quicker our wishes come to fruition.

    It is the same as checking a pot of water to see when it is going to boil.
    The more we check up on it, the longer it takes. It seems like “FOREVER”.
    It doesn’t help that mercury is in a retrograde cycle until September 29th.

    Keep believing !!!

    Namaste, Denise

  2. Denise, thank you so much for posting. As always, your words of wisdom are much appreciated. Learning to detach and allow is a wonderful thing!! Judie

  3. I don’t know- there seems to be something else happening here…

    Your daughter was extremely attatched to the idea of playing- so this wasn’t an example of detatching.

    And I think she manifested this play date.

    One other thing that can be effective in manifestation is passion- applying vivid emotion to a desired outcome. This is the direct opposite of detatchment, but for some odd reason, they both seem to be effective paths to manifestion

    And I think thats what happened here



  4. Catherine, thank you for visiting my blog. It’s very funny you commented on this particular post since I wrote it so long ago. Yesterday, again, my girls were sitting outside after school. The same daughter was whining about wanting a play date. Please note that they had a play date the day before. It was about 4:30 pm, so not directly after school (3:15 pm). Neighbors happened to be walking by and suddenly, she had a play date. Instant manifestation or coincidence? Is there anything such as coincidence?

  5. I believe that there are such things as co-incidences- but I also believe in cause and effect…

    And this sounds like the latter.

    So your daughter is very powerful. I’d say the next step is working on a way for her to channel her passion intomanifestation without whining :-)…


  6. Catherine, I will say she is very powerful. She is very receptive towards Reiki, meditation and energy work. She’s not even 5 years old.

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