Manifest Like A Child

I have heard many people comment that they learn so much from their children. Today, for the first time, I understand what they mean. We took our girls to Great Adventures for the day. My 6 year old really wanted to win a stuffed animal.  We played a few games and lost each one. By that point, we were all tired and my husband and I did not want to spend any more money. My daughter was in tears, of course, but I knew she would survive. As we walked, my husband ran into a co-worker of his.  Out of nowhere, she asked if our girls wanted some of the stuffed animals she and her friends had won.  I could not believe it! Instant manifestation and in a very unexpected way. Fabulous!

I could certainly use some lessons. I have been working towards achieving a goal. It’s been months now. I have tried chanting, positive thinking, scripting, writing, creating a magic box, etc. And yet it still has not manifested. Oh, and don’t be confused, I have also taken a lot of action towards my goals. I am not one to just think about doing something. I do it.

Most would say it’s clear that the reason why it has not yet manifested is because I am concentrating on the fact that it’s not here yet. “You have to act AS IF it’s here.” Or “Focus on the feeling that you think you will feel once you achieve your goal.”  Although I get those statements and I agree with them, I still want my goal to MANIFEST RIGHT NOW!  My desire isn’t even a major one at all. I am not asking to win the lottery or win a new car (although I would certainly accept those in my life).  It’s a very attainable goal. I just don’t get it. 

So, I’ve decided to just forget about it. I know I have done all that I can. However, even as I write this, I don’t believe it. I feel letting go means letting go of my desire. And that is not the case. I still want it! I do intend to let go of the feeling that I must do something else in order to make it happen. I’ve tried and I’ve tried. I’ve asked the Universe for help over and over. I’m done asking. I’m done trying. I am sick and tired of feeling this way. I’m letting the Universe take over. I’ve made it perfectly clear what I want. 

There must be an easier way. There must be a better way. Maybe I should wake up my daughter and ask for her secret.


2 thoughts on “Manifest Like A Child

  1. It’s interesting, the not thinking about it has worked for me for a couple of major times.

    Time #1: When I was in college, it seemed like all my friends had a boyfriend. Not me. When I finally decided to give up and just have fun, I met an amazing guy who became my boyfriend (and is now my wonderful husband of 14 years… Wow! Can’t believe it’s been that long!)

    Time #2: I really wanted to get my work accepted by a major children’s magazine, but whenever I saw a theme that looked up my alley I got nervous about my lack of an appropriate writing sample, how would I ever write the query, etc. Well, less than 6 weeks after the birth of my first child, I saw a topic that I had the perfect article idea for, and I was so sleep deprived, I didn’t let my doubts get in my way. The afternoon of the deadline date, my mother-in-law came over to watch my baby and I frantically whipped something together. I raced to the post office to send it off… and forgot about it. Four months later, I got assigned to write the article for Cobblestone. And a month after that Highlights accepted three of my poems. My first major acceptances! It couldn’t have been just because I was too busy to worry. But being too busy to worry sure did make the waiting easier!

    Good luck reaching your goal! :o)

  2. Brianna, wow, thank you so much for posting on this thread and for sharing your manifesting stories. You are an inspiration! Judie

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