Back To School Ain’t Just For Kids

My children return to school on Thursday, September 3rd. Thank Goodness.  We’ve had a great summer filled with vacations, ice cream and many, many sun-kissed days at the pool and beach. However, I am looking forward to returning to the school routine of early bedtimes, more learning and, of course, more free time for me.

I feel that back to school time is truly one of the best times to make resolutions. Sure, New Years is the traditional time but if you weren’t inclined to make resolutions in January, or, more likely, have long forgotten those resolutions, September is another ideal time to renew those vows. Why should our kids have all the fun? New school shoes for them, new sneakers or a new class for you. Makes perfect sense to me.

I am looking forward to getting back into my workout routine, including practicing with my beloved yoga teacher, Amy, once again. I also intend to get back into my mantra practice. I intend to take one more writing assignments. I am open to other new and fun projects. The possibilities are endless!  

What are you looking forward to doing this September? Own it and then do it!


One thought on “Back To School Ain’t Just For Kids

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