Back To The Grind

I don’t recall previous August months being so….I don’t even know the proper word to use.  We returned from vacation early in the month. Then we had family visiting for the next two weeks. Last week was the first time that I was home, alone, with my daughters. I have been filling their days with pool, ice cream, play dates and whatever else I could figure out.  In between, I have been working.

One thing I have not been working, though, is my body. I tried to ignore the sluggish feeling that I have been experiencing. I cannot practice yoga as my teacher, Amy, does not provide babysitting. I have not felt motivated enough to throw in a Tracy Anderson video.  I haven’t even been continuing with my mantra practice! I am really out of sorts.

I tell myself this is only a temporary situation. Come September 3rd, my girls will be back in school and I will have more time to exercise, work and take care of myself. But even that was not helping.

I decided to drag my daughters to the gym with me yesterday. Initially they protested, but they got over it when I promised them a muffin afterwards. I was tempted to just hit the treadmill but then I realized that a class was about to start. Kardio Kickboxing. The teacher, Bonnie, is one of my gym’s most popular teachers. She is really, really tough and hard core.

I was actually scared to take the class! It’s been so long and I felt so out of shape. However, I stuck to it and I survived. I am feeling so sore today. Feels good. I missed this feeling.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a Body Pump class. And, afterwards, I will need to rush my daughters to the dentist. A mother’s work is never done. But, she should certainly look and feel as good as possible while doing it!


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