See Ya!

Tomorrow morning my family and I are leaving on a week-long trip.  I am super stressed at this moment.  I am trying to pack for the three of us (my husband handles his own stuff) while listening to a chanting cd (thank you Amy) and trying to finish up some work.

My intention for this entire trip is to go with the flow.  I intend to relax and enjoy time with family. I am tired of struggling and working.  I am tired of pitching and trying to make things work. I am ready to let go and to allow things to unfold. My only “must-do” or I really should say is a “want to do” is to attend a ceremony being held by Thomas Ashely-Farrand. I don’t know much about it but since I will be in that area, then I am going to try my darnest to be in the presence of a mantra guru.  I am hoping to experience some metaphysical things or a holistic healing.  Gee, even though I just wrote that I am letting go, it does seem like I do have an agenda, doesn’t it?  

Guess I need to do more OMing……


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