Hooked On A Feeling

I have always believed that our thoughts are very, very powerful.  If you think you are going to, say, fail at something, chances are you will.  One the contrary, if you feel you will succeed, then chances are you will. Recently, though, I felt it was clear that the Universe was trying to give me a message.  In order to manifest something, yes, you have to be mindful about your thoughts but the biggest “thing” is the way you feel.  Your emotions. 

For a couple of days, it seemed that everyone I talked to or everything that I was reading said to focus on your emotions in order to manifest what you want.  I even spoke with a PhD Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Suhail Jarroush about this.  In a nutshell, he advised to think about the feeling that you will get when you achieve your goal. For example, say you want to manifest a new job. What do you think this new job will bring you? How will you feel once you get this new, amazing job? Powerful? Free? Relieved? Feel those feelings NOW and then the Universe will have to bring to you the tools to match your feeling.

I had also reached out to a friend, Rita.  She is a Coach and a Mentor. I had emailed her in frustration.  I have been trying and trying to get published in certain magazines.  I pitch the editors over and over. The good news is that the editors have been very responsive. The bad news is my pitches have not worked out for one reason or another. Rita suggested that I focus on the feeling that I want instead of the “thing.” Even though intellectually I knew what she was saying, it took me a while to fully understand it. 

In the meantime, I was also emailing Jeannette who produces one of my favorite blogs. Of course she said pretty much the exact same thing. Since I am the obsessive type, I turned to my book shelf for answers.  I picked up the book, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. No shocker that the entire book advises to focus on your feelings. How you feel.  Act as if what you want has already happened!  Fine, I get it Universe!  At least I think so.  I’m working on it.

How exactly am I working on it? I am still doing my mantras in order to shift my vibration. Another thing that I started to do is something called Pray Rain Journal.  It’s a book written by Jeannette (see above). I wrote my new moon wish list. So, what have been my results? I am still sending pitches to the magazines. I have been getting assignments from other sources and even from places I never even thought of. I have not yet manifested the actual assignments that I am looking for but I am having fun thinking of new ideas and sending them in.  Trust me, there are moments when I get so pissed of.  I am doing all the “right” things so where the hell is my manifestation!?!?  Grrr!  But I try not to allow myself to remain in that mood for very long.

I feel confident that my wish will become my reality very, very soon. After all, it’s clear that I am amazing manifestor. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Hooked On A Feeling

  1. Hey Judie,

    We indeed get addicted to emotions. When we have felt a negative emotion for a very long time, our thoughts will produce those same emotions, thinking and reliving the past and constantly feeling that emotion we are (unconsciously) addicted to. But once we have raised our vibration, we are conscious of those emotions and we can take steps to rewire our thinking to replace those nagtive emotions with positive ones.

  2. Gillian, thank you yet again for your post. The challenge for me is to maintain a positive attitude and not fall into thinking “where is it??”

  3. Well I guess that is the lesson we are all learining, bit its a sklill so we are getting better at it each day! Cheers!

  4. We’re only human and on a journey. We cannot blame ourselves for falling off the wagon once in a while 🙂

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