Gym, Gym, Gym

I finally dragged my butt to the gym this morning.  While I have been working out, I just have not felt like working out at the gym.  At the same time, I have been feeling so guilty because I am still paying for a monthly fee.  Guilt can definitely be a good motivator!  I ended up doing my usual 20 min on the treadmill followed by a sculpting class. It was just alright.  I still prefer yoga.  And tomorrow I get to practice with my favorite teacher 🙂  I’m sure that once the weather gets cooler and not so nice, I will gladly return to the gym.


2 thoughts on “Gym, Gym, Gym

  1. When I first started at a gym, paying the monthly fee was my motivator also. Stay positive! Remember everyday is a small gain towards achieving your goal.

  2. BodyChi, thanks for posting on my blog. I love exercise and have learned to follow what my body wants to do. Sometimes I want to take a class at the gym while other times I want to take a yoga class or go for a walk outside. No matter what, I am exercising. I love it. Here’s to your health!

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