Day 26: My Mantra Results

As I previously blogged, I began a new 40 day mantra practice.  This is my second foray into a 40 day mantra.  This time, I did make some changes.  I am much more focused this time. And, I set aside definite time to chant. I typically chant every morning and before bed. When I first began this 40 day session, I was only chanting to Ganesh. Somewhere along the line, I decided to add my Lakshmi chant.  

In the beginning, I loved chanting to Lakshmi, but not to Ganesh so much.  The chant did not come out easily.  It’s hard to explain.  It didn’t feel like it flowed.  But, I continued and it got easier and easier.

My results have been pretty amazing. Out of nowhere, a former editor that I had worked with emailed me and said she passed along my information to another editor at a magazine where I would love to write and get published. A marketing company responded to my query and offered me a lucrative writing opportunity. I had a few other prospects. Some worked out, some didn’t but showed me that I on my way. I know my “big” goals and desires will become my reality. Maybe today!


3 thoughts on “Day 26: My Mantra Results

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