Tracy Does Not Want To Work Out With Me!

Brian Fahey, General Manager at Tracy Anderson’s new studio, delivered the bad news to me today.  I emailed him to find out, again, if Tracy would be offering walk in classes at her new studio.  The answer was a big, fat NO!  Actually, Brian was nice and said that the studio would not be offering walk in classes and was I interested in a membership.  My answer was big, fat NO!  I would love the opportunity to take a class or two or to work out with Tracy herself but that does not look like it’s happening.


2 thoughts on “Tracy Does Not Want To Work Out With Me!

  1. I understand why — it wouldn’t make economic sense. However it might make sense if they offered some kind of trial membership. Whenever I walk by there (almost every day) I see very few people working out in that studio. Maybe it’s like many gyms where members sign up with every intention of going but after a couple of weeks, lose their interest and motivation. Or maybe they didn’t get as many über-rich people to fork over the big $$$ they’re demanding. I guess time will tell …

  2. Hi Shadow! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to post. I can understand their philosophy of having an exclusive club. However, even though I have a gym membership, I will still pay extra to take classes elsewhere. I bet they would get more business if they opened up their studio but at the same time, I can bet that is not on their business plan. I am very interested to see what happens.

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