Exercise TV. Who knew?

I had a writing assignment to complete this morning.  I knew I could do it after I worked out but I also knew I would not enjoy my workout knowing this assignment was looming over my head. So, I stayed home and completed it.  However, afterwards, I did not feel motivated to go to the gym. Since it’s a nice, sunny morning, I decided to take a power walk. And I walked for about 45 minutes. But my back hurt.  A lot.  I am still seeing my chiropractor for adjustments. It sucks. I am not happy.

Anyway, when I came back home, I didn’t feel like I really worked out. I wanted to do more. As I was going through my dvd collection, I suddenly remembered Exercise TV on Demand. I flipped through the titles and decided to try Tank Top Upper Body. To my surprise, it was great!  I really enjoyed it, especially since it was fast. The instructor, Cindy Whitmarsh was tolerable although I suggest she tone down the fake tan.  Who knows, though, perhaps she does enjoy being orange.

Next time I do this workout, I will use heavier weights.  I only had my 3 pound weights handy, per Tracy Anderson.  Let’s hope I don’t get bulky 🙂


2 thoughts on “Exercise TV. Who knew?

  1. And in a pinch (say at a hotel) you can also stream them on your laptop.

    Good job not letting the pain be an excuse not to work out. You’re a role model 🙂

  2. Marianne, thank you for contributing to my blog 🙂 The pain wasn’t that bad at all, but it still upsets me greatly that I am having this experience. Grrr. But, I feel wonderful right now!

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