Drinking At Home

Yeah, I know, I blogged yesterday that I was going to take a Pilates class at the gym today. However, my two The Bar Method dvds arrived yesterday afternoon so that plan was scrapped. This morning I did the Accelerated Workout, which claims to “Burns Fat, Carves Muscle!”  

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing either.  I think I would probably have enjoyed the workout more if I had never taken a live class. Nothing can beat a live class! One of the studio owners, Jen, was even featured in the dvd. She does the modified positions. I had to laugh because people will fight to get a spot in one of her classes. She is a killer!

Plus, the music in the class is great. The music in the dvd sounds like porn music. I know they cannot use contemporary music due to copy right laws and all that jazz, but it still sucks. I also felt that the dvd offers far too few reps. In class, I feel like I am going to puke. But I managed to do nearly all the reps in the video.

However, you can’t beat the price. It costs $25 per class and I purchased two videos for $30. You do the math.

Honestly, though, I did enjoy the video and I am glad I have this option. It’s nice to know that if I ever need a Bar fix, I don’t have to go far!


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