SummerTime = No Time For The Gym

I intended to go to the gym today.  I was planning on taking Body Pump, a weight lifting class set to fast, fun music.  However, I simply could not get myself motivated to get there.  One of the big reasons is that I am not fond of the teacher. The workout itself is good but her personality is so bland. I feel bad saying that but that is how it is for me. 

I decided to work out at home. I first reached for my beloved Tracy Anderson dvd but right underneath it was a dvd that one of my friends had given me. Yoga Booty Ballet.  I had never done it and thought why not try it this morning.  I have been on a yoga kick recently. Yesterday I practiced with one of my favorite Yoga instructors and felt like doing more yoga today.  I figured this would be an ideal time to test out the dvd. I did the 45 min Total Toning Basics routine. 

Even though I don’t enjoy most exercise dvds, I did enjoy this one. It was a nice combination of yoga along with sculpting moves. I know why they used “Booty” in the title.  You definitely work out your butt a lot!  The instructors, Gillian and Teigh, do say some hooky things like “You can make this funky” or “Reach for the sky” and other things of that nature, but I just choose to ignore those statements 🙂

I also really enjoyed the music.  Music, for me, is a huge factor in my enjoyment of exercise. I am glad I have yet another dvd that I enjoy!


4 thoughts on “SummerTime = No Time For The Gym

  1. I just snagged this for $2 at a rummage sale. Glad to here you like it. I’m excited to test out the the Cardio Caberet one.

  2. Hi Marianne! Thank you for posting on my blog. Please let me know what you think of the dvd. A friend of mine gave it to me; I saw her today and told her I used it. She always uses workout dvds and said she did not like this one. But I did!

  3. I just did it this morning and thought it was fun. It’s pretty short, just over 30 minutes and is paired w/ Hip-hop abs which is closer to an hour. I’ve been wanting to get back into a yoga practice and this might be a good way to remind myself how much I like it.

  4. Mare, thank you for posting on my blog. I think there are a few different Yoga Booty Ballet dvds. The one I did yesterday was about 45 minutes.

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