More News From Tracy Anderson

I just received an email from the Tracy Anderson people.  This is the email:

Hi everyone!

There's so much happening at TracyAndersonConnect**. 

For my newest workout webisode, I'm joined by the lovely Molly Sims for a 
treadmill dancing inside the fitness center at the Greenwich Hotel in New York 
City. It might seem crazy at first, but I know you'll get the hang of this 
calorie-burning, muscle-sculpting workout in no time -- and once you do, you can 
take it with you anywhere you go.  

I also have a very special Connect Challenge for you this month: Master this 
routine and show me what happens when you take it with you on the road for a 
chance to win my favorite treadmill. 

Remember to check out the site each month for new exclusive downloadable 
workouts, fresh Connect Challenges to keep you motivated, expert tips, my 
favorite new discoveries, and so much more. 

Love,                                      Visit Tracy Anderson Connect NOW!
Tracy Anderson 

Click here for her new site. 

2 thoughts on “More News From Tracy Anderson

  1. Loved your cute blog about Bar Method on your birthday. I’m out here in LA and have designed a bumper sticker – “I’m Addicted!” for Bar Method students. I’d love to send you one – just need your address to my e-mail We have a big opening coming in this area – Bar Method Pasadena will open next month!

  2. Hi Judie,
    Was wondering if the Tracey Anderson studios in NYC have opened yet.
    I cannot seem to find any info on the web.

    Hope you are being good to you. 🙂

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