Weights + Women = Bulk?

I am visiting family in Florida this week and more than one relative has mentioned that I have lost weight. Even my mother-in-law said I have lost weight and she typically says that I have gained weight! I have not been actively trying to shed some pounds but I can admit that I do feel thinner. I have been wondering what has changed…

Ever since I injured my back, I have not been to the gym. And, I have not been exercising with weights at all. I have done yoga a few times and I even did Bikram Yoga while on vacation. I have also been taking lots of walks. I came to the conclusion that since I am not working out with weights, I must be losing muscle tone! I am not as “bulky” as before.

If you have read this blog for a while, then you may remember that I was once obsessed with having a lean, dancer’s body. The Bar Method workout definitely helped me feel thin and lean.  So, can it be true? Can Tracy Anderson be right?  She claims that women should never, ever lift more than 3 pounds.  Is working out with weights making me bulky?


3 thoughts on “Weights + Women = Bulk?

  1. oh dear!?

    i recycled a post i am in the middle of writing for my blog for this…

    let me ask you something… do you pick up your handbag repetitively through the day?

    pick up your child/a child on occasion?

    change the bins?

    hold a dog leash?

    yea each of those tasks are at least the equivalent of lifting 20-30lbs not 3…

    women lack adequate amounts of the muscle building hormone testosterone among others and will not add ‘mass’ no matter what they do… a small percentage of women posess ‘better’ muscle building genetics and will add small amounts a little easier than the next, this is also true of males…

    You MUST lift heavier than 3 lbs in order to get any training effect at all from your training … you are simply better off doing nothing than lifting 3lb dumbbells.

    ugh im going to rant about this on my blog now!


  2. Hi Bryan. Thank you for visiting my blog and for posting. I was being a bit cheeky when I wrote this post. If you’ve read my blog before, you will know that I enjoy lifting weights (and more than 3 pounds). However, I also realize that lifting low weights with high reps can be equally effective to building muscle tone. Perhaps it also depends on each body type but I know it works for me.

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thanks again!


  3. Keep lifting heavy weights :). But I think yoga and pilates do help firm as well in ways that weights dont. Before my first daughter, I was a size 1-3. After my hips were wider and I was a 7-8. Then I did pilates and yoga, lost absolutely no weight, but fit into size three’s again. I don’t know why or how, I just was happy :). Now… ah well, no luck for me getting back into my three’s. Guess I can’t recover from two babies!

    I haven’t been around much because I don’t have internet at home anymore.

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