Celebrating My Birthday At The Bar

It’s not what you think.  If you search back on my blog, you will find many posts on my previous obsession with The Bar Method. I truly loved the workout.  It made me feel very thin, limber and lean.  You can’t ask for more.  And, I also had muscle tone.  

Unfortunately, I also have a gym membership, a job and other forms of exercise that I enjoy doing.  Plus, I could not afford it. So, I had to give up my addiction. It was hard but I somehow managed.  The amazing thing is that I received an email from the Bar ladies offering me a FREE workout since it was my birthday!?!?  I could hardly believe it.  They are so freaking sweet!

I went today.  My birthday was last Thursday, June 11th. But today is my youngest daughter’s birthday.  She turns 4.  My baby is 4!?!?! So, I celebrated my Labor Day at The Bar.

I was so excited to go back to class.  All the teachers remembered me. Gabby, the gorgeous receptionist, greeted me hello. It felt like home. Sigh…

The workout was exactly how I remembered it as well.  Hard. Challenging.  I loved it.  I love the pain, I love the trembling of my legs. Yes, I am sick, but I do love it.

I am not so sure I will feel the same way tomorrow.  I am already feeling sore.  I hope I can move tomorrow.  I do miss those Bar Ladies. I really should start playing the Lotto…..


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