Mission Accomplished

I am so happy.  I was able to practice yoga today.  Horray!  After my back injury, I thought I was never going to be able to do yoga again. To be honest, I am still afraid to go back to the studio where the injury occurred. My chiropractor has been trying to alleviate my fears.  He suggested that I approach the teacher before class begins and simply explain about my back. The hope is that the teacher will then watch me closely.  He explained that I should not blame yoga on my injury, that it was simply the fact that I did the move improperly that somehow triggered the injury.  I know what he is saying but it is hard for me to relax.

However, I really love this one particular yoga instructor.  I love her vibe!  You know when you just click with someone.  It’s hard to describe.  Each of her classes are very small and personal.  Before and after class, we sit around and talk about what is on our minds. It can be anything from the weather to the Law of Attraction. That is pretty hard to beat.

When I returned home from yoga, I did more research on mantras.  I have decided to go with the Ganesha mantra, which is Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. I found a very interesting article that was published in Yoga Journal magazine about this particular mantra. I intend to begin it on the new moon, even though I am anxious to start it sooner.  For some reason, I feel better about starting it on the new moon, since it is considered a great time to plant seeds and goals.  June 22nd is only a few days away.



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