Breaking News Regarding Tracy Anderson’s NYC Studio!!

I received an email last night from the ‘Tracy Anderson team” that her NYC studio will be opening its doors on June 15th.  There is no way I will be joining her gym but I would love the opportunity to take a class or two.  I am waiting to hear back from an email that I sent to see if they will be offering drop in classes.  In a previous conversation, I was told that the studio would require membership. But I can’t help but wonder if the economy has changed that or if they still continue to be exclusive.

Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Breaking News Regarding Tracy Anderson’s NYC Studio!!

  1. I wish you luck getting into a class there. Sounds like they want to keep the rabble out.

  2. Thank you for writing on my blog raindrop. Are you calling me rabble??? LOL! I will let you know if I am able to find a way to take a class at the studio. Still no response to my email.

  3. I will let TA and Gwyneth decide if you’re rabble. I suspect if you’re not willing to fork over the $12,300–or however much it costs to join–you are most DEFINITELY rabble. I hope you find someway to get in so you can let the rest of us rabble know what it’s like. And be sure to sneak in a camera.

  4. Raindrop, thank you for clarifying. I am thinking of asking all my blog readers to make a donation of $50, $500 or $5,000 to cover my membership costs of the gym. I will also need limo service to and from the studio.

  5. Dear Judie,

    I happen to be affiliated with a gym that Traci Anderson has been renting space from since January 2009. She needed a facility in the interim until her location was ready. Anyway, it has been said that this gym will be retaining some of her staff and eventually have group exercise classes.
    You did not hear this from me, the name of the gym is Club H Fitness.
    Just thought you would like to know. 🙂

    I hope your back is feeling better and you are able to move as you so desire.

    Have a very “peaceful” weekend.

    Warmly, Denise

  6. Denise, wow, thank you for the information 🙂 Yes, after a few sessions with a chiropractor, I am feeling 100% better.

  7. I walked by the gym this morning and could see a class being held. I also saw Tracy sitting in the window sill having her photo taken. I guess she’s in town to recruit more members because I got an email inviting me to show up tonight at 6:30 PM for an “information session”.

  8. Shadow, thank you for sharing that! Interesting. I have received quite a few of those “information sessions” emails but not this time.

  9. It’s at 6:30 PM tonight. Lots of notice, as usual. . Here’s the email if you or anyone dropping by your blog is interested:

    “Good Morning,

    Thank you for your interest in Membership at Tracy Anderson Method Studios New York City.

    Tracy Anderson is hosting information sessions this evening, Tuesday, June 16th at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.
    The events will last approximately one hour.

    Tracy will be discussing everything regarding the NYC Studio, her Method, and more!

    The Tracy Anderson Method Studio is located at 408 Greenwich Street in the heart of Tribeca.
    To view a map of the Studio’s location, please Click Here.
    The entrance of the Studio is at 26 Hubert Street. Members of our staff will be stationed outside to direct you where to go.

    If you plan to attend either session, please RSVP to

    If you have any additional questions or there is anything else we can assist you with, please contact us at 212.965.1408.

    We look forward to seeing you this evening!

    Tracy Anderson Method Studios”

    BTW, her studio is on the 3rd floor. I wonder how noisy it is for her neighbors on the 2nd?

  10. Thanks Shadow. It’s the same exact email I have received in the past. I wonder why I did not receive it this time. Anyway, I would not have been able to attend the meeting. Please let me know if you go!

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