Moving Very, Very Slowly

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I hurt my back during a yoga class.  I kept on waiting and waiting to feel better but it never happened.  My husband suggested I see a chiropractor.  One of our neighbors is a chiropractor but I have never been to him nor have I ever been to any chiropractor.  Many of my friends have gone to one for various injuries.  I didn’t really think my injury required a chiropractor but after not working out for over a week and still feeling pain (despite Advil and those stinky Ben Gay pads), I decided to make an appointment.

The reality was that I was scared.  Very, very scared.  The good news is that after two visits, I am almost back to normal.  He did suggest I take it easy for a while, so today all I did was take a 45 minute power walk.  My back still hurt!  It is not the same pain as before; I really feel like I have lost strength after not working out for 2 weeks.  I feel so sad but I refuse to feel sorry for myself.  I will continue to take it easy and slowly move back into my regular fitness routine.  After I stretched, I did 30 push ups.  I am now feeling much better.  I REALLY missed moving my body!


6 thoughts on “Moving Very, Very Slowly

  1. Hi Judie,

    I had a very bad back injury from yoga years ago. Be very careful. Be sure you are with qualified instructors who can show you how to modify moves. The typical transition from up-dog to down-dog can be a killer with one wrong move. Move through cat (hand and knees) between the two positions until your back feels better.

    – Coach Jenn or

  2. Thanks Coach Jenn. I have yet to return to yoga. I am actually very, very nervous to go back and I feel so sad that I am feeling this fear. I have been practicing yoga on and off for over a decade. I am taking it slow and easing back into working out. Yesterday my back was aching even after a power walk! Thank you for posting on my blog.

  3. Hello Judie,
    I understand your frustrations completely. Personally, I usually have one or two injuries that keep me from doing what I love. 🙂

    Especially in yoga, extra care has to be taken. I don’t know if you did any sun salutations with the jump back in class. This can most definitely cause a flare up in the lower back area. Have you tried taking epsom salt baths?
    A few other great remedies are arnica gel and salonpas pads.

    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Continue to be kind to yourself.

    Namaste, Denise

  4. Thank you Denise! Yes, we did so many sun salutations during the class. I think the move that caused the injury was the plow pose but who knows. Today I am going to do a video as one of my daughters is home sick so no gym for me. Thank you so much for writing on my blog and for your advice. Have a wonderful day! Judie

  5. Thank you forthelifeofme. My back is feeling better. I did not work out today. My youngest daughter was home sick and I just was not motivated to do a dvd. If she is back at school tomorrow, I do plan on heading to the gym. I also have an appointment with the chiropractor in the afternoon. He really has worked wonders on my back.

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