Day 28

Today marks the 28th day of my 40 day mantra.  I recently discovered a youtube video of a man chanting the mantra. Yesterday, I decided to chant along with him.  I really enjoyed it.  He does it so quickly but I was able to keep up. I have also been posting on a blog. The blogger is on her second round of the 40 day mantra. It’s nice to have someone else to “talk” to about it!


4 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. I meditate using a mantra too, twice a day, and it is a powerful practice. Mostly I meditate alone, but the group meditations at Integral Yoga are very sweet– Integral Yoga classes always conclude with time for meditation. I attend classes at IY and also teach there once weekly.

    Good for you, Judie, mediation gets better with time- like cooking a really rich and tasty soup.

  2. Lynn, I love meditating. This is the first time I have done a 40 day mantra though. I will have to take one of your classes at IY for sure!

  3. Debra, I am off to read your post now!!

    I am now on Day 34. I cannot believe my 40 days are coming to an “end” although I know this is just the beginning!!! I have to decide if I want to continue this chant or perhaps try another.

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