I clearly overdid it. When I woke up on Sunday, my lower back was a bit achy. As the day wore on, the pain got worse.  I was in a lot of pain on Monday. Today, I’m feeling better but it’s still way too sore for me to work out. Every time I get up from sitting down…it hurts!

If I trace back my steps, I believe I know when I injured myself. I was a bit too overzealous during my yoga class on Saturday. 

I know I should probably take it easy for the next day or two.  I do hope I am able to work out by Friday. I. Must. Exercise.


6 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Hi Juicy Judy,
    Sorry that your back hurts– try lying down with a bolster under your knees, that may help a bit. And I hope you recover pronto.
    Speaking as a yoga teacher, I have to say that yoga is not the same as working out. If anything, it’s working in! 😉 In other words, getting closer to your body’s real needs and providing for them, like taking it easy sometimes when you hurt.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog, Lynn. I’m pretty sure I pulled something while doing plow pose. I sort of felt something and then when I continued doing the vinyasas, it felt strange.

    I appreciate the different perspective on “working in.” I love it! So true.

  3. You probably did pull a muscle, I’ll bet you’re right.
    Plow pose can be dicey. Make sure your toes comfortably and easily touch the ground behind your head, otherwise, don’t do it.
    Sometimes when your lower back is feeling strange you can help out by lying on your back and pulling your knees into your chest, maybe circling them if it feels right, easing the tightness in your back.

  4. Lynn, I didn’t even attempt to get my toes to touch the floor behind me!! I went as far as I felt comfortable.

    Thank you for the tip. I will try it before bed tonight.

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