How Quickly We (I mean I) Forget

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice yoga with a teacher who I really admire.  I love her vibe and energy.  I have not practiced with her in about a year nor have I seen her during that time. When I saw her yesterday and we started chatting, I quickly remembered why I was so drawn to her. She has such a sparkling personality, she is interested in many of the same activities as me and well, we just get along. I really enjoyed my time with her.

This morning, I was lucky enough to be able to take a different yoga class in a studio that is close to my house. Wow, 2 days of yoga in a row!  I cannot remember the last time that has happened.  I really, really love practicing yoga.  How could I have forgotten?!?!?  I have shied away from the yoga classes at my gym. For one, I don’t really like the teacher who teaches the class that I am usually able to take (I’m sorry, no offense!) and also, I just don’t enjoy “gym yoga.” It’s just not the same.  You cannot help but hear all the clanking and noises outside the room.

I just enjoy doing too many different types of activities!  I love taking classes at the gym but I also realize that I do need yoga as well. I tend to practice vigorous, intense yoga as I feel it gives me a good workout but I also enjoy the corpse pose and relaxation that ends each practice. There must be a way I can juggle all my different desires.  Perhaps I can do a few yoga poses every day on my own?  Now, there’s a thought!


2 thoughts on “How Quickly We (I mean I) Forget

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  2. I think that’s a good idea, a pose or two a day. They make those cards and a person could draw a card or two or three and do them for five to ten minutes to start (or end) the evening. I’ve always wanted to buy those yoga cards and for some reason never did it yet.

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