Almost Summer

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I find that I have been having a difficult time getting motivated to go to the gym.  This morning, I really struggled with the idea of driving over there.  I opted to take a power walk instead.  I love walking around the park in my area, where we have a duck pond and a path where you can run, jog, or walk. When I came home, I did some pushups and then decided to throw in my Tracy Anderson Mat video.  I did the arm section (I intend to have really buff arms this summer) and I also did the ab section.

All in all, I was pleased with my workout.  I still feel that the classes at the gym gives me a better workout but I remind myself that the main thing is that I got some exercise and I enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Almost Summer

  1. I love buff arms myself! I’m getting a tad soft from my lack of doing anything physical other than sleeping (if you can call that physical).

    Any goals other than buff arms for summer?

  2. Right now I am only focused on buff arms 🙂 You’ve had a lot going on, you will get back into it!

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