I Worked Out With Tracy Anderson Today

Don’t get too excited.  I did her Mat dvd.  I intended to go to the gym to take a Body Pump class.  The teacher who teaches the class is on the boring side.  No personality whatsoever.  Then I got busy checking emails and so on.  I decided to skip the gym and do TA’s workout.  I have not done it in a while.  OK, it’s been months since I have worked out at home.  

I forgot how much I enjoy her dvd.  I do ignore much of what she says about her method changes my “molecular structure” and her moves “reengineer” my body. Whatever.  I really, really like the music on her dvd.  It’s awesome!  For me, music is critical during workouts.  Yoga, not so much, but dance classes and weight classes, yes, I need great music and this workout delivers.  I also like how she doesn’t talk very much during the workout although it does get annoying at times.  I think she is still stretching the left side but she is already done.  

I’m still sore from my workout on Monday so I am curious to see how I feel tomorrow.


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