When Will I Get To Work Out With Tracy Anderson?

So, yes, I am still dying to work out with Tracy Anderson.  I called the NYC studio today and spoke with Brian.  I asked him if the studio was open.  He said they were planning on opening sometime in “early June.”  I then asked him if they would be offering walk in classes.  He said NO!  They are a “private studio” and walk in classes were not going to be an option.  I’m really surprised!  Shoot, many gyms, including other NYC gyms like Equinox at least offer the opportunity to pay day passes.  But of course Tracy would not do what everyone else does.  Brian did suggest that I continually check the site to see when she would offer special classes, like the one she offered last month.  Gee thanks!  $200 to work out with Tracy for a couple of hours.  What a bargain!


2 thoughts on “When Will I Get To Work Out With Tracy Anderson?

  1. Hello,
    I stumbled upon your website looking for information on Traci Anderson. Her dancers are currently working out their clientle in a space in NYC until her studio opens. Anyway, i am a holistic fitness trainer and always open to connecting with people of like mind. I was especially drawn to your post Mercury retrograde. Thank heavens the messenger has turned direct. It was a “challenging” one. Hope you are taking care of you and nurturing yourself on all levels.


  2. Denise, thank you so much for replying to my post. I have heard that we are still in Mercury Retrograde’s “dark period” before it goes fully direct. I am so ready to have things move forward!

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