Astrologically Speaking….

I know I have written about astrological aspects such as the new moon.  I don’t know much about astrology but I do like to read my horoscope and keep track of certain things.  Today marks the beginning of something known as “mercury retrograde.”  Let me have astrologer, C.A. Brooks from 12 house explain it to you:

Mercury Goes Retrograde – Woohoo!

Our good friend Mercury is back in the spotlight this week as it does an about face and symbolically starts moving backwards in what we affectionately refer to as ‘Mercury Retrograde’. Officially, forward motion stops and sits for a spell (stations) at 1 Gemini Wednesday night at 10:01pm (PST). Mercury will move back as far as 22 Taurus before moving direct again on May 30th. Now, before you start moaning and groaning and gnashing your teeth (whatever that means), let’s re-consider. 

Astrologically, Mercury plays one of the more important – though often overlooked – roles in our lives. Mercury is the god of our intellect and thus rules how we think, our perceptions and how we express and manifest our belief systems. He oversees all communication, language and learning including reading, writing, talking, singing, chanting and you name it. He is the master of spells, chants, prayers and of course, affirmations. According to myth, the Roman god Mercury was basically the same character as the Greek Hermes. They are magicians, tricksters and the companions and messengers of the gods. Mercury in our charts can show us how the gods speak to and through us. He awakens the magician in each of us, integrating the various pieces of our personalities and crystallizing our beliefs and thoughts into manifestations in our lives.

Although Mercury retrograde is usually the scapegoat for most everything that seems to go wrong – car breakdowns, misunderstandings, bad purchases, electronic failures, contracts with loopholes and our overall misadventures, why bore you with the gory details? We have the 24/7 news media for that! More often than not, these harsh lessons in earth school could probably be chalked up to our trying to ‘push the river’ and not paying attention to the signals. In fact one of the best ways to honor Mercury and thus navigate successfully through a retrograde is to pay attention.

Mercury retrograde is our chance to see and express things from a new perspective. It’s an opportunity to examine our core belief systems and see how they play out in our lives. Try looking at something in your life – some area you love or hate – it doesn’t matter, and ask yourself ‘what thought or belief created this?’ Years ago when I was between jobs, I was feeling particularly insecure and without an identity. I was even telling friends ‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ In the midst of this existential crisis, my purse was stolen including my driver’s license. I quickly learned what it meant to have no identity when I could not open a new checking account or even get a copy of the police report because I didn’t have a valid ID! The situation snowballed into the classic pity party – poor me. The only way I was able to turn it around was to remember that my identity and value was not dependent on my body, a job, a reputation, accumulation of stuff or on a piece of paper issued by the government. 

When Mercury goes retrograde, which it does 3, sometimes 4 times a year for about 21 days each time (give or take a few), we have the opportunity to review where we have been, reconsider our goals and direction, revise our plans, rediscover our true identity, recharge ourselves and reclaim our spiritual inheritance. Consider it a mandatory planning period. This one will occur mostly in Venus-ruled Taurus. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d like another opportunity to slow down and settle into the thoughtful reverie of this earthy sign. 

In retrograde, Mercury resonates to many ideas and concepts that mean to go back, look or do again, or release. These include many words in English that start with the prefix ‘re’. For example remember, redo, revise, re-invent, repair, re-direct, return, readjust, realign, rebirth, realize, rearrange, reawaken, refresh, reconsider, reassess, reassure, rebuild, recall, recharge, reclaim, reconcile, recollect, recondition, reconstruct, reconnect, recoup, recover, recreate, recuperate, redeem, rediscover, refine, reflect, refresh, refuel, regroup, rehabilitate, reinforce, release, renew, reproduce, repair, repent, repeat, reshape, reset, restore, reunite, reverse, review, rewind, and reward (just to name a few!)

During the next week and throughout the retrograde, I plan to sprinkle these words liberally throughout this column to remind you to honor Mercury and the power of your thoughts. Hopefully you will find them refreshing instead of redundant and refrain from asking me to resign!

I’m a Gemini and supposedly these periods affect Gemini’s a great deal since Mercury is our ruler. I take everything with a grain of salt but so far, I have experienced a few events that I suppose could be due to Mercury Retrograde. A few days ago, I heard from an editor. She asked me to resubmit an essay that I had submitted and she had passed on. Then, I received an email from The Bar Method saying they missed me and was offering a discount for a 30 day pass. The password to get the discount was “Return”. Now that put a smile on my face!


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