Just Do It

I love Nike’s slogan.  It resonates with me.  I have been wanting to cut my hair super short for months now.  Months and months. I kept on thinking about it.  I have really curly hair and was scared to look like a poodle.  At each hair cut, I asked my stylist to cut shorter and shorter but never went as short as I really wanted.  At my appointment last week, I felt ready.  “Just do it!” I pleaded. He did cut it short but the funny thing is that I still want to go even shorter.  So, I am going back this morning for the final chop chop.

I have been wanting to write about my Mom for years now.  I felt as a writer, I should honor her by writing about her. However, that was easier said than done. Writing about her was just too painful. I would start and then stop. A few days ago, something possessed me. I emailed an editor to see if she would be interested in an essay about my Mom.  I felt with Mother’s Day approaching, it would make a good story.  She asked to read it.  I hadn’t even written it yet. But I sat down and wrote.  The words just poured out of me.  It felt so good to write about her. I don’t know if it will get published but I am very proud of myself for just doing it. I know she would be proud of me too.

Do you have any goals or dreams that you haven’t taken any action on?


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