Change Your Life In One Month?

I recently received a book called “28 Days To A More Magnetic Life” by Sandra Anne Taylor.  It’s a very cute book.  And I do mean cute.  I love the size.  It’s small and compact so it’s very easy to throw in my bag without adding extra weight.  

Basically, the premise is that a person can change their “energy” or “vibe” by making simple adjustments and changes.  Each chapter is numbered and is only a couple of pages long.  I started reading it on April 1st and now I’m Day 14, The Power of Love.

I am already a believer that your thoughts are powerful and that what you think creates your reality, so the material isn’t really new to me.  However, the messages are a nice reminder and it only takes me about a minute or two to read each chapter.  I am looking forward to continuing reading and see what changes I am able to manifest in my life 🙂


One thought on “Change Your Life In One Month?

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