An Off Week

Unfortunately, I am not having the type of week that I was expecting.  On Monday, my youngest daughter came down with pink eye so she had to stay home from school.  On Tuesday, I had to chaperone my older daughter on a field trip.  On Wednesday, my youngest daughter had a doctor’s appointment. Yes, I am aware these are all excuses.  I have not worked out at all.  I could have worked out this morning but my to-do list is a mile long and I’m lazy.  And tired. The other morning I attempted to meditate and ended up falling asleep!  I’m blaming it on today’s full  moon.


2 thoughts on “An Off Week

  1. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I’ve never had pink eye and hope to avoid it if at all possible. I’ve been pretty lazy myself. I think you’re still accomplishing more than me! One bad week just means next week must be better.

  2. Thank you! She is all better. However, they are off from school this week. I did take them to the gym with me this morning. My oldest does not like the babysitting there so I had to bribe her by saying we would have lunch at the coffee shop near by. That appeased both of them and everyone was happy!

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