The Many Voices Of Om

I’ve previously posted about my journey with meditation.  I havc surprised myself because my interest in meditation has not waned. Typically, I’m the type of person who gets very gun ho about something and then after a while, I lose interest.  That has not been happening this time. I really enjoy it. Each day, I try to take 15-20 minutes to sit and breathe. That’s it. Sometimes I focus on my breathing, in and out. The other day I focused on love. I thought about my daughters and how wonderful it is to hold and kiss them, the love that I feel for my husband, I thought of happy experiences. It felt amazing! I felt such a sense of inner peace and calmness. This happened a couple of days ago and the feeling is still with me.  It’s very cool. 

In the meantime, I am still open to new meditative experiences. A friend of mine mentioned she was interested in attending a weekend retreat that focused on chanting. I don’t know much about chanting but the thought of spending an entire weekend chanting seemed a bit overwhelming to me!  Then, I came across this post about a money mantra or chant.  It sounded very appealing to me. When I meditate or work on manifesting goals, I rarely focus on money. I may focus on abundance in all aspects, health, friendship, love, work, etc..  

So, my interest in now peaked in this Laskshmi chant. The thing is, you have to say the chant 108 times for 40 days. That sounds like a lot, right? I’m slowly warming up to the idea. I have been wanting to purchase a mala for a while now just because and of course now I have a good reason to buy one!  My yoga studio sells them but they are made from precious crystals and are pricey. There is a bead store near my house and I stopped in earlier this week to see if they had any for sale.  She had a few in stock but none appealed to me. Then she said she had one but that it was in her car because she had used it during a presentation.  It was made from rudraksha seeds.  Which was exactly what I wanted!  Now I have to get my butt back there to purchase it. 

I am excited to learn more about chanting and to see the possibilities and effects it has in my life.


2 thoughts on “The Many Voices Of Om

  1. I have to say, Judie, it took me a while to get used to the idea as well (108 repetitions 40 days in a row). But it grows on you!

    My biggest challenge has been remembering to get it in every day .. because I understand (and I could be wrong on this) that if you skip a day, you have to start the 40 days over!! lol

    Thanks for the link, and I’m interested ot hear what changes happen as you do incorporate the chant in your life! 🙂


  2. Jeannette, I have yet to start it! I did purchase a mala. But my kids are off from school next week and I’m wondering how I would be able to do it while they are home with me. I’d love to hear about your experiences with this chant.

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